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5 Best WA Clone Application To Make Chatting Easier

WA Clone Application – With the advancement of technology, anything can be done easily. Of course, its users are getting more comfortable to use it. However, it is undeniable that someone is not satisfied if they only have one application. For that we need a multiplier application. The multiplier application that is in great demand by many people, one of which is the clone wa application.

This application makes it easier for users. Moreover, someone who has a business of course wants to separate his personal wa number from the number for selling online shops. Well, the following will be discussed in detail about the application that can be used to duplicate a WhatsApp account:

5 Best WA Clone Application To Make Chatting Easier

1. MoChat

One of the cloned applications that is widely used by WhatsApp users. Because the MoChat application is able to make the cloned wa account hidden, by locking the cloned wa account. Another advantage offered by this application is that it can be applied by other applications such as Instagram, Youtube, and even games can be duplicated through the MoChat application.

Interested in using it? No need to worry because the application is already available on the Playstore and can be used for free. In addition, the capacity used is quite small so it will not drain the user’s cellphone storage space.

2. ParallelSpace Lite

Similar to the previous app, ParallelSpace Lite also includes a cloned application that can run two WhatsApp applications simultaneously. In addition to duplicating wa applications, this application can also duplicate other applications such as Facebook, Youtube and games. No wonder this application is one of the most popular applications by many people.

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Sophisticated again, parallel space is not only used for duplicating applications but also allows users to lock applications. So users don’t have to worry if someone wants to break into their privacy. In addition, users will also be spoiled with various themes that can be modified according to their wishes.

3. Dual Space

Is the best wa clone application that is most widely used. The reason is that it has a small storage capacity so it does not burden the device memory. Although it has a small size. However, the application has excellent features that can fix bugs and can remove ads.

Not only that, but dual space also has another feature, namely the privacy zone feature. Where will help users to maintain cellphone security and be able to hide traces of use in the smartphone system.

4. Super Clone

Furthermore, the wa cloning application is no less great than the previous application, namely the Super Clone application. Just like with the previous application, Super Clone can also clone various applications such as Instagram and games.

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The advantage offered by this cloned application is that it has excellent privacy protections such as password protection, incognito mode and location spoofing. In addition, it also has a custom icon feature that will allow users to easily distinguish each application.

5. 2 Accounts

Finally, there is the 2 Accounts application which is not much different from other dual applications. An application that is able to double wa accounts and also various other social media applications in one smartphone.

It’s just that what distinguishes it from other applications is the feature that supports shortcuts for several applications that can be renamed and their icons changed as desired. So it will be easier for users to distinguish from the original application. In addition, 2 Accounts also has a notification feature that can help users to find out the login information of two different accounts.

That was the recommendation for the wa clone application that can be used. So for users who want to run two wa accounts simultaneously on one device, they can try the cloned application.


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