Video Voice Changer Apps For Android

5 Video Voice Changer Apps For Android

Video Voice Changer Apps For Android – The use of video voice changing applications is common for social media users who want to hide their true identity or just to entertain their fans. This application has a wide selection of the desired sound model, from low to high notes. Here are 5 applications that can be installed via Android to change the sound of videos:

5 Video Voice Changer Apps For Android

1. Video Voice Changer FX

This apk has been launched for a long time, starting in 2015 and has been installed more than a million times. Video Voice Changer FX can change human voices to voices of squirrels, aliens, demons, robot voices, echoes or other funny creatures. Voice changer can only choose one option, after that the video will be saved on Android storage.

To change the sound of the video, the first step is to install it and then start or ‘Start’. Enter the video that you want to change the sound of then select the desired sound. If you upgrade to pro then users will have a variety of choices. By saving a video, the file will be saved directly to Android in the media folder.

2. Video Voice Changer

If the Video Voice Changer FX application looks landscaped, then this Video Voice Changer has a portrait display and is simpler. The choices vary, but the most frequently used is the chipmunk sound or other funny sounds. In addition, it can also show a preview so users will know the sound results after being changed.

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Videos can be taken via the device or recorded and then changed to sound with the features provided by the apk. After listening to the modified audio output, users can press the checklist button on the screen to approve the result and save the file to the user’s device.

3. Video Voice Dubbing

Its usefulness in addition to being a video sound changer application, it can also be to add sound or music to the video, mute the video sound, or replace it with dubbing sound. The process is fast and produces good quality. The input video format can be mp4, flv, avi, mov and so on.

Inserting videos and changing the tone of the video can be saved to the device. Although this application is different from others because it does not provide a variety of sound options such as chipmunk, robot or others, changing the sound in this apk can be by adjusting the tone to the tone bar. The higher the bar, the louder it is and vice versa.

4. Kine Master Pro Video Editor

Kine Master is very well known for editing videos on Android and is very useful for anything related to video editing. The choice of sound will be displayed when the user has subscribed or is a pro. The available sound effects can range from soft, strong, female or male.

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Changing the female voice can be done by changing the pitch of the existing note to a higher one. To change the voice to male by lowering the pitch of the tone until the voice sounds heavier than before. In addition to the above method, users can change as desired and create their own characteristics.

5. Movavi

Movavi is available for Android, this apk is known as video editor. One of the features available in Movavi is video effects, adding special effects to videos to providing audio effects. With this audio effect, you can change the sound of the video into various effects.

Changing the sound of the video is done in the Audio settings. Changing the speed will affect the sound of the video. Another way can be to change Audio Effects from ‘none’ to the available options, for example changing it to ‘very low pitch’, producing a low sound like a male voice.

Well, that’s 5 video voice changer apps for Android that users can try. Social media also has voice changer features such as TikTok, Snapchat, etc. On various websites also provide features to change the sound on the video online and lighter.


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