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5 Best Video Resizing Apps in 2022

Video Resizing Apps – Youtube is a social media platform that is used to share videos and download videos. However, storing video files with a large enough capacity requires a very large amount of storage. Therefore, it is necessary to have an application to reduce the video size to overcome a file size that is too large.

Reducing the video size is a way that can be done to reduce the capacity of a video file. For that, videos will not require too much storage space. So, here are some applications that can be used to reduce video size:

5 Best Video Resizing Apps in 2022

1. Video Compress

One of the applications that can be used to compress video file sizes with the best quality. Besides being used to reduce the size of video files, it is also used to cut, separate, and even merge video files.

In addition, the video compress application supports all video file formats, making it easier for users to use the application. Interestingly, it has a feature that can be used to check image quality before compressing. The plus of the application is that it has three modes that can be used to adjust the bitrate of the output file from slow, medium to fast.

2. Dieter Videos 2

The next video compression application is Video Dieter 2. With this application, it allows users to save video files with a smaller capacity. Besides being used to compress the video file size, it is also used for video editors, it’s just a basic video editing feature.

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No different from the previous application, because this application is also equipped with features to determine video quality such as low, medium or high. For those who have little storage space, there is no need to worry, because the Dieter 2 video application is quite light in size. Although it is a lightweight application, it has quite a lot of features.

3. Video Transcoder

An application that utilizes an open-source platform that is useful for compressing video files from one file format to another. Video Transcoder is an ad-free video reduction app.

The advantage is that it supports various video file formats and video codecs. However, it can only compress one video file at a time. So users who want to compress more than one video can compress videos at other times.

4. VidCompact

A video compression application that is no less interesting than the previous application. The reason is that it has many features such as a video converter, mp3 converter and video compressor. The plus of the application is that it does not have a paid version to use it, so users can use it for free.

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The video file format used is also quite complete, from MP4 to FLV, making it easier for users to use it. Not only that, but vidcompact can also be used to edit videos.

5. VidTrim

For those who have a little storage capacity, it is very suitable to use the vidtrim application. Because vidtrim is an application to shrink video files with a fairly light capacity. Interestingly, this application is not only used to compress video file sizes but can also compress videos to audio files. Certainly very beneficial for users.

The excellent feature in vidtrim is that it can play videos in all directions. In addition, you can add different effects similar to the filters on Instagram. So for users who want to have an attractive video display, they can try the application.

Those are some applications to reduce video size that can be used easily. For those who often download videos but have little storage space, you can try this application to minimize storage.


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