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5 Best Unblocked Browser Apps For Android

Unblocked Browser Apps – Recently, the government decided to block a number of websites since the implementation of positive internet. This is intended to protect users from visits to content or sites that are deemed inappropriate. But there’s no need to worry, because now there are a number of the best unblocked browser apps for Android.

Previously, maybe many people knew that visiting various sites that had been blocked could only use a VPN. Even though the use of this VPN actually endangers a number of other applications because of its security and privacy, such as M-banking or WhatsApp. Here are browser recommendations without worrying about being blocked or inaccessible:

5 Best Unblocked Browser Apps For Android

1. Opera Browser

The first unblocked browser application is Opera Browser. It can be said that this application has become a legendary browser that is commonly used without worrying about the web being blocked. That’s because the Opera browser has a VPN feature that can access all available sites.

In addition, the Opera application is also called safe from pop-ups because it contains an adblocker. Using Opera when browsing the internet makes it easy for users with various additional features. Users can also simultaneously open a number of applications or the web because of the sidebar.

2. Aloha Browser

The Aloha application is also included in the recommendations for the best unblocked browser applications for Android users. In this application itself, there is a built-in VPN feature for Android and iOS users. When using this application, you can delete all search history or used cache.

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Given its function as an anti-blocking application, this application is equipped with an adblock feature. Compared to other applications, Aloha has a Media Player feature so users can watch downloaded videos without having to be bothered by ads. And can also block ads and trackers through the adblock feature which is always active.

3. Pekob Pro

Pekob Pro is also included in the recommended unblocked browser application with a very light size. This application is still relatively new, so it may be unfamiliar to some users. This application is included in the top recommendations for those who have limited smartphone storage capacity.

Pekob Pro is almost the same as a number of other unblocked applications that come with adblock. In addition, this application is also equipped with a VPN, so users no longer need to download the VPN again. If you want to install it, users just need to do a search on the Play Store or various websites that provide download link sites.

4. Tor Browser

The next unblocked browser is Tor Browser. Ordinary people may rarely hear of this one application because it is more commonly used for hackers or IT experts. Various sites that have been blocked using local internet services can be penetrated by this one browser.

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Interestingly, this Tor Browser application can actually improve privacy security. Users don’t have to worry about data leaking because the data encryption process reaches 3 layers. Therefore, it is quite difficult to track IP if a user uses this application to access the internet.

5. Blue Proxy

Blue Proxy is one of the most popular unblocked browser applications. The appearance of the application is simple, it makes it easy for users to operate it. The Blue Proxy application is widely available on the Playstore or the web which can be downloaded for free.

The Blue Proxy application is also equipped with a VPN so that it can penetrate various sites or websites that have been previously blocked. In addition, users can also use or activate incognito mode to remove search history.

Those are the recommendations for the best unblocked browser apps for Android. So users no longer need to install a VPN which is actually dangerous for security. Good luck!.


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