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Use This Plagiarism Checker Application To Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker Application – In the world of writing, of course, writers are required to create a quality, original and unique work. It is not just the ambition to complete a work, but the authenticity of the work is very important. For this reason, an author is required to use a plagiarism checker application in order to ensure the originality of the work he makes.

Basically, work that involves writing sometimes makes a person not aware that the writing he has made is the result of plagiarism. Fortunately, nowadays technology is getting more sophisticated, so writers can use various applications to check the uniqueness of their work. So what applications can be used to check the authenticity of written works? Well, take a look at the description below:

5 Plagiarism Checker Application To Avoid Plagiarism

1. Turnitin

One of the applications used to check plagiarism which is very popular in the academic world. The reason is that turnitin is used to check student work so that their writing does not have anything in common with the writings on the internet or on websites. Interestingly, it is equipped with excellent features that can be used to check the authenticity of the writing, then compare it with sources on the internet.

However, the turnitin application cannot be used for free, but users are required to use the paid version. For this reason, users who want to use it, especially students, can contact the campus to check the writing.

2. Plagiarism

A plagiarism check application that is no less cool than the previous application. The reason is that it is equipped with various languages ​​that can be checked by the application. Not only that, but users can check document files just by entering a URL or uploading the file manually.

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How to use it is also quite easy, the user only needs to register an account so that they can proceed to the checking process. No need to worry because the plagiarism application can be used by all groups, both students, teachers and writers.

3. PlagScan

A plagiarism checker application that has various advantages. However, to use it for free, you can only use it for a few days, and even then users are required to register as a member. Furthermore, to use it required a paid version. Therefore, usually those who use the Plagscan application are mostly people in the academic field.

Although users are only targeted in the academic field, other people can still use it to check their writing before it is published. How to use it is very easy because users only upload their writing files in file or PDF format. That way users can directly check the writing.

4. DupliChecker

The next plagiarism check application is duplichecker which can be used for free. By using it for free, of course, access is also limited, where users can only check for fifty opportunities. In addition, the number of words is only a maximum of 1000 words per search.

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Although its use is limited, duplichecker is a favorite and widely used application, because it has guaranteed checking accuracy even though it looks simple. Meanwhile, the results of the checks are displayed as a percentage and are equipped with a text source.

5. Plagy

A plagiarism check application that is slightly different from the previous application. The reason is that the plagiarism application is not only checking the written text but also the punctuation and syntax. Not only that, but the application can also compare the results of its users’ writings with other similar writings, so that their accuracy is tested.

No need to worry because the application is not only provided in the form of a platform but also a web version. So it makes it easier for users to check their writings. For how it works in the plagiarism application, it is very effective because it can directly detect errors and fix them in a few seconds.

Those are some recommendations for plagiarism checker applications that can be used to check the authenticity of written works. So for those who often write papers, don’t forget to use one of these applications.


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