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5 Gold Scales App For Android

Gold Scales App – In the digital era, all activities carried out in the conventional way become easier with just one device. For example, buying and selling which was originally done directly, can now be done only through the application. Likewise with gold weighing activities that can be done through the following gold scales application:

5 Gold Scales App For Android

1. Egrams-Digital Scale Simulator

This app model comes after Lever Scale and how it works depends on the phone’s sensors. This app includes instructions for adjusting your phone’s sensors so that the calibration is quite precise. Measurement accuracy also depends on app and phone settings, so it may not always be accurate.

The Egrams app can measure weight in various units, such as ounces, kg, g, mg and pounds. This application cannot display object weight data if the phone is on the same plane surface. Placing the phone on a curved surface and placing objects on it is a way for this app to work.

2. Precision Digital Scale

This application is quite liked because of its simple appearance and to the point. This special weighing application is available for android users who need to weigh activities in an easy way. The first time you open the application, users can see directly the display of the scales and the number of units of weight.

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Unlike Egram, this application will work if the phone is placed on the same plane surface. This is done to find a balance so that the measurement can be quite accurate. After that, the user can directly place the object on the phone and the measurement number will appear automatically on the screen.

3. Sensoscale Lite Digital Scale

As a developer, Sensodroid Ltd has succeeded in making the gold scale application an application of interest. When viewed, the features of this application are made similar to the original scales. One of the features offered is the tare feature which functions so that the scales reset the numbers back to zero.

Through this feature, it is certainly an added value because measurements can be more accurate. If users are still confused about using this application, the developer also prepares a guide through other features offered. This app is very easy to get and use, especially for weighing gold.

4. Metal Weight Calculator

As the name implies, this application is used to weigh types of metal, including gold. The measurement model of this gold scale application is quite different from the previous application. This application does not place objects on the screen of the phone, but rather a measurement system that is similar to a calculator.

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After entering the application, users will see an empty column in the form of a description of the type of metal they have. Before taking measurements, users need to register the shape and type of metal to be measured. Furthermore, the user only needs to fill in the column based on the physical size of the gold such as length, width and thickness.

5. Kitchen Scale

At first glance, this application is used to measure objects in the form of ingredients for cooking purposes, but it turns out that it can also be used for gold. Just like the PDS application, this application offers a simple interface and is very easy to use. This application will immediately show the display of scales and units of weight.

This application is very light and available in android OS. Very different from the previous application, this application uses an object sensor system. The object is placed on top of the phone and a number will show the weight of the object which appears automatically on the screen.

That’s an explanation of five gold scale applications for Android that you can try. It should be noted that no developer guarantees the accuracy of these measurements. In addition, make sure the phone screen is protected to avoid damage to the screen sensor.


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