Free PC Video Editing Software

5 Free PC Video Editing Software with Interesting Features!

Free PC Video Editing Software – Video is changing the way people communicate and express themselves. Video editing software has grown tremendously in recent years. There is a wide variety of high-quality video editing software available, including desktop-based programs. Below will be explained 5 free PC video editing software with interesting features that are useful for user needs:

5 Free PC Video Editing Software with Interesting Features!

1. Windows Movie Maker

This software is part of Windows Essentials 2012. Its purpose is to perform digital processing of videos that can be added animations, visual effects, or a short text related to the video. By default, there are main menus such as, animations, visual effects, projects, and videos.

The advantage of this software is that users will be provided with video editing tools and text tools in an attractive, practical, and varied format. The interface is also user friendly so it can be learned easily by beginners. The results of video editing also have good stability.

2. VideoPad Video Editor

Video editing software developed by NHC Software. Comes with a VirtualDub plugin that works with the software. VideoPad integrates WavePad, a sound editing program, then MixPad, a sound mix program, and PhotoPad, an image editor.

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This software can quickly process and edit videos. It’s easy to use and can create good quality videos in no time. Users can also import video clips in different formats, such as from mobile phones, or video recorders.

3. HitPaw

HitPaw is a new software in video editing and screen recording. In addition to videos, this software can also edit images and create memes to make photos more interesting. All content creators can easily edit videos (regardless of user skill level) by providing an easy to master UI.

The advantage that is most felt by users is that HitPaw can be used to remove watermarks on video results. The features offered are also very interesting, such as Pan&Zoom which is useful for stabilizing shaky video results. There are at least 331 stickers and 59 filters to make videos more interactive and fun.

4. DaVinci Resolve

Non-linear video editing developed by Blackmagic Design. Many production media use this software for editing purposes, such as film production, television shows, and other media. The features found in DaVinci Resolve are also similar to Adobe Premiere Pro.

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There is a more integrated version developed by Fairlight. This version is designed for TV and feature film productions, as well as direct audio mixes. In addition, Resolved-Integrated also supports up to 1000 audio tracks, with a maximum of 6 inserts per track. Other functions include 96-channel audio recording and 3D mix audios.


Included in other non-linear editing and developed by Multilab LLC. This free PC video editing software can also remove watermarks. Many features are quite complete and attractive with a simple user interface. VSDC allows for applying post-production effects, live color correction, and motion tracking.

There are color correction, object transformation, object filters, and special fx that make the video more interesting. The masking feature is also useful for highlighting, blurring, and hiding certain objects in the video. The 4K and HD export features are also one of the advantages of this software.

So many explanations related to 5 free PC video editing software that has interesting features. Use this editing software to complete various work or school assignments. Although free, these softwares are also able to provide complete features and are no less good than paid software.


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