Free Android Logo Maker Apps

5 Free and Easy-to-Use Android Logo Maker Apps

Free Android Logo Maker Apps – Logo is an important thing in a brand. With a logo, customers will recognize the products they buy. In today’s era, making a logo does not need to ask a designer to make it. Many android applications that can help create a logo for free and easily. Here are 5 android logo maker applications that can be used:

5 Free and Easy-to-Use Android Logo Maker Apps

1. Canva

Initially, Canva came with a web version to create a free logo online. Due to the large number of fans of this application, Canva now comes with an Android version so that users can use it on their cellphone. This application has many kinds of templates. One of them is to create a logo.

The available logo templates can be selected based on the theme. For example sports, education, food, fashion and others. There are also tons of stickers, images, icons and vectors that you can use for free. The resulting logo in Canva can be downloaded in PNG format with a transparent background.

2. Logo Maker by Iris Studios and Services

The next android logo maker application is Logo Maker made by Iris Studios and Services. This app has many libraries for free elements. Among them are textures to make logos, backgrounds, colors and so on that are used to make good and cool logos.

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This application also provides a wide collection of art, shapes, textures and graphic elements. As well as professional text editing and photo editing tools such as 3D Rotate, Curve, Resize, Flip, Font, Hue, Color and many more. Users can also create announcements, advertisements, brochures and other branding materials.

3. DesignEvo by PearlMountain

DesignEvo is an application created by PearlMountain Technology. This application provides more than 3500 logo templates from various categories such as fashion, technology to business. Users can also choose from more than 100 types of fonts and various kinds of graphics that have been provided.

If you want to have more choices of logo templates, users can download them for a fee. When finished creating a logo, users can download the logo in PNG, JPEG or transparent PNG format. In addition to Android phones, DesignEvo is also available for the iOS operating system.

4. Logo Maker Plus by Logopit

Logo Maker Plus is a logo design application and original design. The app takes advantage of options and thousands of free elements to edit it. Logo Maker Plus made by Logopit can also create visual elements that can be published on social media platforms such as banners, brochures, social media covers, etc.

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That’s why this application is perfect for users who work as social media admins. Also relevant for users who have their own business and need a designer with a minimal budget. This application can be used for free. But users can also pay for more services.

5. PixelLab by App Holdings

With this application made by App Holdings, users will have no difficulty in creating and editing logos on their mobile phones. PixelLab is available free of charge but users will encounter various kinds of advertisements. Various features in it can help channel creativity in making a cool logo.

One of its features is that you can create a logo with a 3D effect, add text, change the type and size of the font. The app also provides lots of stickers and images that you can add. PixelLab has a size of 27 MB, 50 million times more downloads and a pretty good rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Those are some recommendations for free and very easy to use Android logo maker applications. Even though they don’t have design skills, with the above application, users can easily create designs as they wish. This application also allows users to save costs.


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