Facebook Video Downloader App

Easy To Use Facebook Video Downloader App

Facebook Video Downloader App – Apart from being a medium for interacting with other people online, Facebook also provides many interesting videos. As time progresses, the video content uploaded is quite diverse, ranging from make-up tutorials, cooking, mukbang, and other education. Not only viewing videos, users can even download videos from Facebook for free. Following are facebook video downloader apps:

5 Easy To Use Facebook Video Downloader App

1. FB Video Downloader

Already more than 10 million people use the Facebook Video Downloader application. This application is indeed quite a mainstay because the steps are easy and do not make the phone hot and slow. In addition, the size of this Facebook video downloader application is quite light, which is around 9.8 MB.

To use this application is very easy, users can download this application on the playstore then start installing and login to a Facebook account. Then, search for the video to download just like using the Facebook application. After finding the video, click on the video then the application will give you the option to watch or download.

2. Fast Vid: Video Downloader for FB

Fast Vid application is a video downloader application that is widely used. The advantage of Fast Vid is that users can download videos from Facebook which will go directly to the cellphone gallery. In addition, users can choose the quality of the video to be downloaded such as HD or SD.

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To use Fast Vid, first the user must first install the app. Then users can login to Facebook on the Fast Vid application. Then select the video, click download, and the video from Facebook will be automatically downloaded.

3. My Video Downloader for FB

The next downloader application is My Video Downloader for FB. This application is one of the best applications with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. In this software, users can download videos in HD and with a very easy process.

To apply this software, of course, the user must install the application and log in to a Facebook account. After successfully logging in, the user can search for the video to be downloaded and click on the download option. Then, the user can select the folder to save and the download process has been successful.

4. All Video Downloader

In the All Video Downloader application, users can not only download videos from Facebook, but from all social media. One of the advantages of this application is that it can download videos quickly and the process is easier. In addition, this application has a fairly light size of only 3.6 MB.

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In addition to several advantages, this application is also easy to use. Users simply download the app and login. After successfully logging in, users can copy the video link to be downloaded then press the download button.

5. HD Video Downloader for FB

The process of downloading videos is easy, fast, and very reliable, making this application much in demand as a video downloader. In HD Video Downloader for FB, users can choose the quality of the downloaded video such as HD or SD.

In addition to the above advantages, users can also send/share videos with friends via Whatsapp, Instagram, or bluetooth directly from the application. To download videos from this application, users simply install the application and log in to Facebook. After success, find the video to be downloaded and click the download button.

In addition to an easier process, downloading videos with some of the applications above can be done for free without paying. Because it is available for free, users will be faced with several advertisements in the middle or beginning of the video download process. Even so, the Facebook video downloader application will still run with a fast and easy process.


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