Document Scan Applications on Mobile Phones

5 Recommendations for Document Scan Applications on the Best Mobile Phones 2022

Document Scan Applications on Mobile Phones – The rapid development of communication technology has made various jobs done by humans easier. One of the human jobs that is facilitated by technological advances is scanning. Now scanning can be done using a cellphone. However, it requires a document scan application on the cellphone.

Scanning documents is a work activity that is needed by many people. The reason is that it is used to duplicate important files for which there is no replacement file. So which applications can be used to scan documents? The following will describe some document scanning applications on cellphones that can be used to get satisfactory scan results:

5 Recommendations for Document Scan Applications on the Best Mobile Phones 2022

1. CamScanner

One of the most popular and widely used document scanner applications. The reason is that it has a fairly small capacity so users who have little storage can use the application. Although it has a small file capacity, its function is quite complete. Basically camscanner is almost the same as other applications that are used to quickly scan documents into PDF or JPEG file formats.

The file is then automatically uploaded to selected cloud storage services. However, Camscanner has a few advantages, namely it has editing features such as annotating and watermarking so that the document to be scanned looks neater. In addition, users can also add a passcode to make the document more secure.

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2. Adobe Scan

It is the latest document scanner application and is no less interesting than other applications. The reason is that it has excellent features where users can mark data that is considered important, such as scanning receipts. For this reason, users who work in offices can use the application because it is easier to read the required documents.

Interestingly, Adobe Scan can transfer various types of documents, from written documents to pictures and writing on the blackboard. In addition, it can also send documents via email or back-up via the cloud. However, the required capacity is quite a lot because the application is quite heavy.

3. Fast Scanner

Document scanning application on cellphones that can be used to move various types of documents at high speed. Besides being used to scan documents, you can also scan images or photos. The advantage is that the scan results can be shared to several documents and automatically saved on Google Drive or Dropbox.

For those who have quite a bit of storage capacity, there is no need to worry because the capacity used is quite small. Although the capacity used is small, the features provided are complete enough to make it easier for users for various purposes. One of them can scan documents simultaneously so users don’t need to scan one by one.

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4. Genius Scan

A trusted document scanner application to meet productivity needs, especially in the office world. The advantage is that it is equipped with various features to support the needs of scanning documents. The features provided include OCR, PDF Maker and Document Organization to improve the quality of scanned documents.

The way it works is also quite easy just by placing the document in front of the cellphone camera. Then it will automatically scan and cut and clean the scan. However, the storage capacity used is quite large.

5. Clear Scan

A lightweight and easy to use document scanner application. Although clear scan is a fairly light document scanning application, it is able to move documents with high quality and automatically detects the angle of the file you want to scan.
In addition, it can also cut the desired part of the document so as to give the user the freedom to choose the important part of the document. Meanwhile, other excellent features are

that it can adjust brightness, remove shadows and straighten images to produce better quality.
Those are some recommendations for document scanning applications on mobile phones that can be used easily. So you don’t need to be confused anymore or even want to buy a scanner machine, because with the help of the HP application scanning can be done.


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