Apps For Guitar Stem

5 Apps For The Most Accurate Guitar Stem

Apps For Guitar Stem – Guitar users certainly need an application for guitar stems in finding the appropriate string settings. The suitability of the stem will affect the tone produced when playing it. There are many apks out there but only a few are accurate. Here are the 5 most recommended apps because of their accuracy:

5 Apps For The Most Accurate Guitar Stem

1. PitchLab Guitar Tuner

The PitchLab app has an old version and a Pro version with different functions and features. In the old version there are features of a polyphonic tuner, chord matrix, stem stages, frequency display and others. The Pro version of Pitchlab is an upgrade from the previous version with complete features such as Split Screen, Tone Generator, Chord Matrix, Pitch Spectrogram and display upgrades.

How to use it is quite easy, the first step is to prepare the PitchLab application. If it is installed then open the application and place the device near the guitar. Pick the strings on the guitar, while looking at the indicators. If the indicator is “TUNE DOWN”, stretch the strings and if the indicator is “TUNE UP” tighten the strings. The “IN TUNE” indicator indicates the string tone is correct.

2. DaTuner

DaTuner is an app for guitar stems that is used to set the fundamental frequency and identify the pitch of the strings. This apk is usually used for guitars with 6 strings and the frequency settings are from 8 kHz to 48 kHz. With the 6th (top) to 1st string order showing the letters E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4 on the application screen.

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The color and display on the screen will be green when the guitar string settings are correct. The sequence must also be appropriate, if there are strings that display green but not the tone, then adjust it until the tone matches properly.

3. Cifra Club Tuner

This apk provides a version other than android or web with the name cifra club. Studio Sol launched the application to set the tune of various instruments, including bass, banjo, cello, ukulele, cavaquinho, violin and so on. The Pro version has exclusive features, namely precision and noise filters as well as a new white theme.

Its use is quite easy, namely by downloading the Cifra Club Tuner application or accessing the web When using the application, there is a ‘string by string’ tab which is used for tuning the strings for beginners because it is easier. The trick is to pluck the strings one by one and look at the information below, whether they are appropriate or need to be repaired.

4. Chromatic Tuner

This tuner is capable of making mid-range-high instruments from 70 Hz to 500 Hz that can be tailored to your needs. The appearance of the application is like an analog clock hand and letters that indicate a tone and its frequency. In the description, the application can still work when the environment is noisy.

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Google Play Store is one of the places to download Chromatic Tuner. Once installed, the application can be used immediately by strumming the strings near the device. The apk will capture the sound of the strings and analyze it. If the tone is appropriate, the needle will point to the letter of the desired tone.

5. Pano Tuner

Kaleloft LLC makes and releases the Pano Tuner application for tuning several instruments, one of which is the guitar. In the Google Play Store many reviews say the application is accurate and can be used for other musical instruments such as violin, flute, piano and so on. Pano Tuner supports sensitivity settings for more accurate instrument tuning.

Download the Pano Tuner app and place your device near the guitar. The desired tone will match the device if the tone letter is in the center of the application display. The advantage of this application is that it has a unique appearance and is not easily bored.

Those were 5 applications for guitar stems that have a fairly high level of accuracy. The apk on the list can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, App Store or the official website. But keep in mind, microphone specifications have an effect on guitar stems because every android has a variety of sensor ranges.


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