Applications for Organizing Instagram Feeds

5 Applications for Organizing Instagram Feeds, Guaranteed Neat and Aesthetic!

Applications for Organizing Instagram Feeds – Instagram is one of the most user applications in the world. Users can upload interesting videos and photos. Not only for personal use, but this app can also be a business platform. There are many applications that can help users to make their Instagram feeds more attractive. Here are 5 apps for managing Instagram feeds that are guaranteed to make it look neat and aesthetic:

5 Applications for Organizing Instagram Feeds

1. Planoly

This application is famous for its quite complete social media manager. Planoly is also one of the top all-in-one content planners for Instagram. User Interface and web are well designed. It can support all the same features and is easy to use together.

Users will definitely like the feature that is useful for marking important dates or events about content to be uploaded. One of the features is that it can even add a color code to each date. This feature combined with the image placeholder function makes it possible to start drafting a post even if the image is not ready.

3. Preview

A very simple application for planning and scheduling posts to be uploaded from your mobile phone. Preview is a great option if users need an Instagram feed plan that doesn’t limit posts per month. In addition, there are also features for reels, IGTV, and Instagram stories.

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The great thing about this app is that it has a built-in editor which is slightly superior to what Instagram has to offer. There are lots of free filters to quickly enhance your edited image. Users can also adjust the feed by swapping the position of the images so that they look neater and more organized.


The planner application is different from other applications, because it can upload photos directly to the web application and start managing the user’s Instagram feed. UNUM also has some basic analytics on par with other Instagram feed planner apps. In appearance, it has several interesting features and allows creativity for the photos you want to post.

The highlight of this app is Phantom mode, which can hide photos in the Instagram feed, so users can visualize the feed after deleting it. This helps if users frequently archive old posts to maintain the color palette. UNUM also has a feature to edit images in the application and there are templates to explore as well.

4. Grid Maker

Grid Maker makes it easy to create different layouts, pair photos with filters and add other personal elements. It has a simple user interface, making it easy for users to make it more attractive. The ideas that can be generated will also make the Instagram feed more neat and aesthetic.

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This application can crop photos to be uploaded proportionally, so users can create multiple connected feeds. There are three types of grid sizes, namely 3×1, 3×2, and 3×3. Users who set up this Instagram feed can schedule the grid in advance, and publish it during the most active hours of followers on Instagram.

5. Whitagram

Adding white frames to Instagram photos is a simple and easy way to make content more aesthetic. Whitagram is one of the easy application options for users to create white frames. The app also lets users add a bit of text and art.

Whitagram creates a square photo by filling the background with white, so that the photo that the user wants to upload is not cut off. This app helps edit photos by changing brightness to get the perfect editing mix. Frame editing can also be done by changing the size of the frame, and also changing the color of the frame.

Choosing an application with the right features is a personal choice for each user. All these apps have the same basic functionality and are secure through notifications, analytics and support multiple Instagram accounts. This application for managing Instagram feeds is expected to help users make their appearance more attractive.


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